Working with the Whois Core module


The Whois module aims to provide a common interface and structure for dealing with character information from FunCom. To do this, it provides functions for looking up whois data as well as providing a cache of data to reduce load on FunCom's servers as well as fail gracefully when FunCom's servers are unresponsive.

Settings Functions


$this -> bot -> whois -> function();


array lookup(string $name, bool $noupdate=false)

This function is used to lookup whois data.

lookup function parameters:

  • $name: Player to lookup.
  • $noupdate: Do not update the whois cache.

Return value: Array containing the following elements:

  [error] => 
  [errordesc] => 
  [id] => Player ID Number
  [nickname] => Character Name
  [firstname] => Character First Name
  [lastname] => Character Last Name
  [level] => Level
  [gender] => gender
  [breed] => Breed
  [profession] => Profession
  [faction] => Omni|Clan|Neutral
  [rank] => Org Rank Name
  [rank_id] => Org Rank ID
  [org] => Org Name
  [org_id] => Org ID
  [at] => Alien Rank Name
  [at_id] => Alien Level
  [pictureurl] => URL to mugshot (example:


bool function update(array $who)

This functions is used to update whois information. $who should be a whois array. This function is used by the roster modules and whois module to update player information in the database cache. It generally should not be used in other modules.

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