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-In previous series of BeBot UserID'​s have been treated as integer values. This has been due to the fact that unlike most other operations in PHP, unpack() does NOT automatically convert numeric values greater than a 32bit integer can handle to a float. As such BeBot allowed the integer to overflow to become a negative signed integer. 
-As of BeBot 0.7.0 this is no longer true. We now handle high UserID'​s as floats, and as such this means special care have to be taken whenever comparing UserID'​s. 
-Do NOT compare UserID'​s the way you would a normal integer, ie  
-<code php> 
-if ($userid == $userid2) 
-Instead use the bc_cmp function, ie  
-<code php> 
-if (bccomp($userid,​ $userid2) == 0) 
-bccomp return values are 
-Returns 0 if the two operands are equal, 1 if the left_operand ​ is larger than the right_operand , -1 otherwise. ​ 
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