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 +====== User Reference ======
 +==== Description ====
 +Functions for adding and displaying a user's raid history. ​
 +===== Commands provided =====
 +^Command ​ ^ Keyword ​ ^Argument(s) ​  ​^Description ​                         ^Tell      ^Guild ​    ​^Priv ​     ^
 +|!raidhistory| ​         |              |Displays your raid history. ​          ​|Guest ​    ​|Disabled ​   |Disabled ​    |
 +|!raidhistory|<​user> ​  | |Displays raid history for <​user>​. |Guest ​    ​|Disabled ​   |Disabled ​    |
 +====== Developer Reference ======
 +==== Functions ====
 +**function show()**
 +<code php>
 +string show(string $name[, string $user]) ​
 +Returns user history for output. $name should be the character name of the player calling the function (requesting history.) Default is to return history for $name. Passing $name and $user will return history for $user if $name'​s access level is LEADER or higher. ​
 +**function get()**
 +<code php>
 +string get(string $name, [string $bot="​all"​] [,int $list=30]) ​
 +Queries the database and does basic formatting of user history of $name. Optional parameters are $bot for getting history for only a specific bot and $list for limiting the number of returned events (default 30.)
 +**function add()**
 +<code php>
 +null add (string $activename,​ string $leadername,​ string $eventtype, int $pointval, text $info)
 +Adds a history event to a user. $activename is the character the event is logged for. $leadername is the leader responsible. $eventtype is the type of event (ADDPTS, RAIDKICK, LOOT, REMPTS, BAN, ADD_XFER, REM_XFER, ALT_ADD, ALT_REM), $pointval is the change in points (always >= zero), and $info is information about the event. ​
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