This is a webchat plugin for Age of Conan and Anarchy Online. It allows the user to interact with in-game chat via a web page.


  • Web interface to guild chat
  • Runs over normal http (so it works from your workplace :-))

Commands provided

There are no commands for this module.

Module settings

Setting Default Description
TWC botname What botname should be used to relay to TWC web side?

Module colors

Scheme name Default


TWC is a web interface to bebots chat system. To run it you will need PHP, a Webserver such as Apache and a MySQL database.

For Linux, install each one seperately with your package manager.
For Windows you can use Uniform Server bundle.


Instruction to help you with the installation of TWC


How to do a standalone install of this bot.


  1. Create the twc user with mysql database of same name and grant all priviledges
  2. Download TWC lite 2.0 into www\twc directory of server, run the /install/index.php (see below)
  3. Relocate bot\TWC.php to your bebot\custom\modules directory
  4. Restart the bot and check messages for bot load
  5. Bring up the main page localhost and register a new user
  6. Login and see how you go.


Install Page

An example of how the install page was filled out.

Forum MySQL Server: localhost
Forum MySQL Username: twc
Forum MySQL Password: *
Bot MySQL Server: localhost
Bot MySQL Username: bebot
Bot MySQL Password: ***
Forum Database: twc
OrgBot Database: bebot
OrgBot Name: bbchat (case sensitive)
Online OrgBot Names: bbchat
TWC Table Database: twc
TWC Root Path: Leave as default unless its wrong
TWC URL: Leave as default unless its wrong
Forum Type: TWC
Allow New Members Access: Yes


  • The code for the template is below with more comprehensive values filled in.
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