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-====== Welcome to the BeBotWiki ====== 
-This is a wiki aiming to document BeBot better. 
-[[Installation]] - BeBot 0.6.x installation 
-[[FAQ]] - Frequently asked questions 
-[[bebot_0.5.x_0.6.x|BeBot 0.5.x/0.6.x]] - BeBot 0.5.x/0.6.x Documentation 
-[[bebot_0.7.x_0.8.x|BeBot 0.7.x/0.8.x]] - BeBot 0.7.x/0.8.x Documentation 
-[[Developers Handbook]] - Resources for BeBot Developers and Module Creators 
-Feel free to help out improving this documentation if you have the time. 
-In order to be able to edit or create content in this wiki, you need to register at the BeBot forums and use the forum login for the wiki. 
-You also need to have made at least 20 posts on the forums to be allowed to edit the Wiki. This is a countermeasure against spam. \\  
-BeBot forum is located at 
-==Older versions== 
-[[bebot_0.3.x_0.4.x|BeBot 0.4.x]] - BeBot 0.4.x Documentation 
-[[bebot_0.3.x_0.4.x_raid_branch|BeBot 0.4.x Raid Branch]] - BeBot 0.4.x Raid Branch Documentation 
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