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 +====== Shout Module User Reference ======
 +==== Description ====
 +Displays raid commands and shouts in a colorful and obvious manner. 
 +===== Commands provided =====
 +^Command  ^ Keyword  ^Argument(s)   ^Description                          ^Tell      ^Guild     ^Priv      ^
 +|!c|<input>          |              |Displays <input> in command style.           |Leader     |Leader     |Leader     |
 +|!s|<input>   | |Displays <input> in shout style.   |Leader     |Leader     |Leader     |
 +==== Related commands ====
 +^Command  ^ Keyword  ^Argument(s)   ^Description                          ^Tell      ^Guild     ^Priv      ^
 +|!set|Shout Format_c         |<new format>          |Change c output template to <new format>          |SUPERADMIN|SUPERADMIN|SUPERADMIN|
 +|!set|Shout Format_s         |<new format>          |Change s output template to <new format>          |SUPERADMIN|SUPERADMIN|SUPERADMIN|
 +===== Module settings =====
 +^Setting       ^Default   ^Description                                              ^
 +|Format_c   |##RED##Raid command from##END## ##YELLOW##%LEADER%##END## :: %INPUT% |Sets the output format for the c command.|
 +|Format_s   |##YELLOW##%LEADER% Shouts##END## :: %INPUT%|Sets the output format for the c command.|
 +Notes to table:\\
 + - Three string variables are used to construct the output template.
 +  * %INPUT% will be replaced with everything following c or s.
 +  * %LEADER% will be replaced with the name of the person who used the c or s command.
 +  * %BR% will be replaced with a line break. 
 +  * See [[Colors]] for color tags.