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 +====== BeBot Settings Interface ======
 +==== Description ====
 +The settings interface provides a click window based interface for configuring BeBot.
 +===== Commands provided =====
 +^Command  ^ Keyword  ^Argument(s)   ^Description                          ^Tell      ^Guild     ^Priv      ^
 +|settings|          |              |Displays the main settings window. |Enabled|Enabled|Enabled|
 +|settings|<module>    |              |Displays the settings window for the given module. |Enabled|Enabled|Enabled|
 +|set|<module setting>|<newvalue>   |Changes the value of <setting> for the module <module> to <newvalue>. set commands are generated by the interface and should not be used directly. * |Enabled|Enabled|Enabled|
 +Notes to table:\\
 + * The only case where the set command should be used is to provide a new string for a string setting. In this case, the settings interface will usually generate an example command that should be followed. 
 +===== Module settings =====
 +^Setting       ^Default   ^Description                                              ^
 +|Log |Enabled   |Enables and disables showing changes to settings and the loading of the settings in the log? Errors are always logged.|
 +|Schemaversion|1|Tracks the version of the settings module for automatic update purposes. This is a hidden setting and should not be modified by the user.|
 +===== Notes =====
 +  * BeBot Contributors and BeBot Module Developers should reference the [[Settings]] documentation in the [[Developers Handbook]].