BeBot Settings Interface

The settings interface provides a click window based interface for configuring BeBot.

Command Keyword Argument(s) Description Tell Guild Priv
settings Displays the main settings window. EnabledEnabledEnabled
settings<module> Displays the settings window for the given module. EnabledEnabledEnabled
set<module setting><newvalue> Changes the value of <setting> for the module <module> to <newvalue>. set commands are generated by the interface and should not be used directly. * EnabledEnabledEnabled

Notes to table:
* The only case where the set command should be used is to provide a new string for a string setting. In this case, the settings interface will usually generate an example command that should be followed.

Setting Default Description
Log Enabled Enables and disables showing changes to settings and the loading of the settings in the log? Errors are always logged.
Schemaversion1Tracks the version of the settings module for automatic update purposes. This is a hidden setting and should not be modified by the user.
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