Manages raid points

  • Add and remove raid points
  • Transfer points between toons/players
  • Supports one account for all toons
Command Keyword Argument(s) Description Tell Guild Priv
!points [name] Shows points for player [name] Guest N/A N/A
!points add <name> <points>Adds <points> to player <name> Leader N/A N/A
!points del <name> <points>Renives <points> from player <name> Leader N/A N/A
!points give <name> <points>Gives player <name> <points> from your account Guest N/A N/A
!points transfer <(on/off)> Turns ability to transfer points on or off Leader N/A N/A
!points tomain <(on/off)> Turns single pool for all alts on or off Leader N/A N/A
!points all Shows the combined points for main and all altsGuest N/A N/A
!points top <cutoff> Shows the <cutoff> biggest point accounts Guest N/A N/A

Notes to table:
- If [name] is omitted in !points [name] then the account of the player calling the command will be shown.

  • !raid - Join raids to earn raid points. See Raid.php
Setting Default Description
Transfer Off Controls if points are transferrable between toons
To_Main Off Controls if points are shared over all alts

Notes to table:

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