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 +To run BeBot you need three things. MySQL, PHP, and the BeBot files. MySQL is an open source database server. PHP is PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Similar in function to ASP, Perl, VBS, etc. BeBot is what you're trying to run. :)
 +Phase 1: MySQL. 
 +If you can't get MySQL setup and working, you won't be able to get a functioning bot. Start with the MySQL n00b guide,384.0.html
 +to get MySQL setup and ready for BeBot. 
 +Phase 2: BeBot & PHP:
 +Kahlem has provided a PHP Bundle to run with BeBot. The PHP support files have been separated from the BeBot files to ease updating. 
 +You can install the bot in any directory you wish, however I'm going to use C:\BeBot for simplicity. 
 +Extract the bot files to C:\BeBot. Then extact the php bundle] to the same directory. The contents of c:\BeBot should now look something like:
 +  *conf/
 +  *core/
 +  *extras/
 +  *help/
 +  *IRC/
 +  *log/
 +  *modules/
 +  *php_extension/
 +  *txt/
 +  *AOChat.php
 +  *Bot.php
 +  *Changelog
 +  *gmp.dll
 +  *libmysql.dll
 +  *Licence.txt
 +  *License.txt
 +  *main.php
 +  *MySQL.php
 +  *php5rs.dll
 +  *php.exe
 +  *php.ini
 +  *start.bat
 +  *start.php
 +  *update.php
 +Using your favorite text editor, edit the files conf/Bot.conf and conf/MySQL.conf to match your AO Account Info, Guild Info, and MySQL configuration. 
 +Start the bot by running the start.bat file. If you did things right, the bot will start up and connect to the AO chat servers.