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 +====== Introduction ======
 +With bebot 0.3 the help is moved inside the modules offering the commands, and no longer kept in outside text files.
 +====== Adding help ======
 +To add help to a module you have to define an array //$help// inside the class. Best place for the definition is the constructor of the class. The array got 3 fields:
 +  - ''​$this -> help['​description'​] = '​Description of the module';''​ for a description shown in the top of the help window
 +  - ''​$this -> help['​command'​]['​command1'​]="​What does command1 do without any keywords";''​
 +  - ''​$this -> help['​command'​]['​command1 keyword'​] = "What does command1 do with keyword";''​
 +  - ''​$this -> help['​command'​]['​command2 keyword <​param>'​] = "What does command2 do with <​param>";''​
 +  - ''​$this -> help['​notes'​] = "Notes for the help goes in here.";''​ any kind of note related to the commands.
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