Custom Modules by Glarawyn

Vote core is a core module for managing voting and recording votes. It provides the vote command, which will record votes. It does not provide an in game interface for creating votes.

function new_vote(str $question, array $options, int $duration, str $outchan="both", bool $changable=FALSE)

Creates a new vote.

function extend_vote(int $voteid, int $seconds)

Extends duration of a running vote.

function cast_vote(string $player, int $voiteid, int $choice)

Casts a vote.

  • Your vote must have 60 or less options. If that isn't enough you should consider narrowing your poll's focus. :)
  • Active votes are not maintained over bot restarts, so you shouldn't have a long term vote.
  • One character, one vote. Players cannot select multiple options.
  • Alts are not considered in voting so a player could vote twice if they vote once for each alt that has access to the bot.
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