Installing bebot 0.6

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To install and run BeBot you need the following:

  • Anarchy Online/Age of Conan account
  • Anarchy Online/Age of Conan game (for in-game bot management)
  • PHP version >= 5.2
  • MySQL database server version >= 4.1.1
  • The BeBot files

A bot is basically a regular player character so you'll need to create a character on the appropriate dimension or server. The breed, gender and profession is irrelevant for the function of the bot. The name of the toon will be the name of the bot. You can use an already existing character, but be advised that this character should not be played while the bot is running. If you try to login as this character the bot will be disconnected.

Notes for guild-style bot

A guild bot needs to be a member of the guild it is to be a bot for.

For Anarchy Online, this means that it needs to have the same faction as the guild. For tower wars to work as intended the bot needs to be in the top three ranks of an org. This is because the [ALL TOWERS] channel is restricted to these ranks.

For Age of Conan there are no extra requirements. If you want the bot to do be able to perform guild member add/remove functions you will need to promote it to a suitable rank. We suggest you don't do this until you are comfortable with bebot and how it operates.

You will need to do one of the following to get BeBot:

  • Download the latest release version from the BeBot homepage and nzip the files to a directory maintaining the directory structure.

Configuring the bot

Open the file StartBot.php which is located in the install directory in a text editor. Here you need to set the $php_bin to the path and name of your php executable. (Line number 42 for windows, 63 for *nix). If you start the bot from the same directory as the binary php file (for windows “php.exe”) you can just enter the name. Otherwise you'll have to enter the name and path of the binary executable (ie C:/Program files/PHP/php.exe or C:\\Programfiles\\PHP\\php.exe or /usr/local/bin/php5) Note that you can use forward slashes (recomended) or double backslashes (not recomended) on windows systems. Using single backslashes WILL NOT WORK.

Set $main_php to the location of the “Main.php” file (line number 49 and 64 for windows and *nix respectively). Once again you can just enter “Main.php” if you're starting the bot from the directory its in.

If StartBot.php is in another directory than the bot itself (not recomended) you must specify the complete path to Main.php

Open the file Bot.conf, which is in the conf directory where you installed the bot, in a text editor. Here you will have to enter the Anarchy-Online username, password and the name of the bot along with the dimension number you would like to run it on.

$owner is the super-duper admin of the bot. This user has got all rights. This should be the name of the character which you intend to configure the bot with as some settings require you to be owner in order to change.

Below that is the configuration lines for your super admins. You can add as many superadmins as you like. Just copy and past that line and exchange the name. These names cannot be downgraded in-game so it is recomended that you hard-code as few super admins here as possible. Instead of putting the names in here we recomend using the !admin add SUPERADMIN <username> in-game to add superadmins.

The next section works just like the superadmins. You can tell the bot what other bots it may encounter in the guild. This is so that the bot just ignores tells and messages from the other bot and doesn't end up in a spam war with it.

To switch logging off set “$log” to “off”. You can also set it to “chat” which will only log incoming and outgoing messages. If set to “all” everything displayed on the console will be put into the log. The default is “chat”. Set “$log_path” to the place where you want logs to be saved.

With “$command_prefix” you can determin what symbol commands start with. The default here is “!”. Note that you need to use the regex string here. This means that to use “.” as your command prefix you need to enter “\.” because “.” has got a special meaning in regular expressions. This goes for a lot of other characters as well.

The last 4 values are probably best left at default.

Guild bot ONLY

To make a guild bot set “$guildbot” to true. Change “$guild_name” to the exact name of your guild. Set “$guild_id” to the id of your guild. The easiest way to find out the guild ID is going to http://www.anarchy-online.com/content/community/people/ and finding your guild. The URL will now read something like this: “http://www.anarchy-online.com/org/stats/d/1/name/xxxxxx” where the “xxxxxx” would be your guild ID. To relay chat to another guild bot you want to set $guild_relay_target = “Name_of_other_guildbot”; If you do not want this feature set $guild_relay_target = False; (note: False, not “False”. If you use quotes your bot will attempt to relay to the player named 'False')

Raid bot ONLY

To make a raid bot set “$guildbot” to false. leave “$guild_name” blank. Set “$guild_id” to 0. For a raid bot you most likely want to set $guild_relay_target = False; (note: False, not “False”)

Set the MySQL username, password, server IP adress or server host name and database name for the bot.

Starting the bot

  • Open a console (In windows press “Start” ⇒ “Run” ⇒ enter “cmd” and press enter).
  • Now run the start.php
  • Windows: Navigate to the directory of your bot assuming you have the php.exe in the same directory and write “php start.php”.
  • Linux: Assuming your can run php5 from anywhere navigate to your bot directory and write “php5 start.php” (assuming your php binary is named “php5”).

The console should now state that the bot is loading the modules, authenticating and connecting. Once this is done (it should only take a few seconds) You can log onto an character ingame which you have configured as “superadmin”. You should now be able to talk to the bot.

In-game setup

Starting with version 0.3 there is a new settings module to handle configuration of most aspects and many modules for BeBot. Most notable is the Security module. To start configuring it send a tell to your bot with “!settings security”. For a list of modules whose settings are configurable by the new interface send a tell to your bot with “!settings”.

Adding and Removing Modules

If you do not wish for certain modules to be used by a bot just put an underscore (“_”) at the front of the name in the “modules” directory. There are several files already in the distribution that have been commented out in this way: Most notable is _ExampleModule.php which is a template to make your own modules.

We recomend you put any 3rd party modules into the directory named custom instead of putting it directly into the modules or core directories. This is because if a 3rd party module has got the same name as a standard module or a module with that name is added later it will be over-written if you upgrade the bot. Modules in the 'custom' directory are never touched by installing upgrades to BeBot.

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