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Please note that each series handbook only deals with new or changed API's for that specific series. This means that the information for earlier series might be just as valid for newer series.

BeBot 0.7.x/0.8.x Developers Handbook

BeBot 0.6.x Developers Handbook

  • Core Functions - Functions and Interfaces provided by default core modules.
  • Common Tasks - Common Tasks (functions) Used in developing modules.

BeBot 0.4.x Developers Handbook

  • Colors - Working with colors in BeBot.
  • Professions - Using the central profession name recognition.
  • Settings - Working with BeBot Settings.
  • Shortcuts - Using the central shortcut database.
  • Time Module - Functions provided by the Time Module (core/Time.php).
  • Whois - Using Whois in your modules.
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