BeBot Raid Branch

The BeBot Raid Branch is an official development branch of BeBot. The goal of the raid branch is to improve BeBot 0.4 as a raid bot without further delaying the release of BeBot 0.4. The Raid Branch is not an official part of BeBot 0.4. At some point in the future the raid branch may be made an official part of BeBot or it will be release as an add on package.

  • Improved Raid Bot Functionality
  • Currently No Source Modules
  • Loot_RAID.php - Flatroll module, allows you to roll multiple items at a time.
  • Orders_RAID.php - Display orders in pgroup every X minutes and when users join pgroup.
  • PBTeams_RAID.php - Teams module inspired by Beaker's Partybot. Replaces default Teams module.
  • Raffle_RAID.php - Raffle module that supports mutiple winners. Update of Glarawyn's multi winner raffle.. Requires UserHistory_RAID.php core module.
  • Raid.php - BeBot's default Raid module with the raid_command functionality removed. This makes the module compatible with the Shout.php module.
  • Raid_RAID.php - Updated Raid module by ebag333.
  • Shout.php - Shout.php replaces the c command in the default raid module. This module also adds the s (shout) command. The output formats of c and s can be set using settings. Security is provided exclusively by access control.
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