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 +====== BeBot 0.4 Manual ======
 +This is a freshly started wiki aiming to document BeBot better.
 +[[Installation]] - Installation Instructions.
 +[[Colors]] - Using colors in BeBot'​s.
 +[[Commands]] - Using BeBot'​s Command Control Interface.
 +[[Flexible Security]] - Using flexible extensions to security groups.
 +[[Help System]] - Adding help to modules.
 +[[Logon Notifies]] - Using the central logon notification.
 +[[Multiple Bots]] - Sharing one directory structure among multiple bots.
 +[[Professions]] - Using the central profession name recognition.
 +[[Security]] - Using BeBot'​s Security System. (add, remove, manage users and groups)
 +[[Settings Interface]] - Using BeBot'​s Settings Interface.
 +[[Modules]] - Documentation for BeBots official modules
 +[[Unofficial Modules]] - Documentation for BeBots unofficial modules
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