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 +====== BanManager.php ======
 +==== Description ====
 +Module to manage banning and unbanning of characters in the bot.
 +==== Features ====
 +  * allows adding and removing of bans
 +  * temporary bans that run out automatically
 +  * optional reason for a ban is saved
 +  * shows all information about banned users
 +===== Commands provided =====
 +^Command  ^ Keyword  ^Argument(s)   ^Description                                ^Tell      ^Guild     ^Priv      ^
 +|!banlist| | |Shows a listing of all currently banned characters|Guest|Guest|Guest|
 +|!ban|[list]| |Shows a listing of all currently banned characters|Admin |Admin |Admin |
 +|!ban|add       |<name> [<reason>      |Permanently bans <name>, with optional <reason> |Admin |Admin |Admin |
 +|!ban|add       |<name> <time> [<reason>      |Temporarily bans <name>, with optional <reason>. Time is in the format #[mhd], where the optional suffix defines the unit of time. m means time is in minutes, h for hours, d for days. The bot checks once every minute for bans that timed out. |Admin |Admin |Admin |
 +|!ban|del       |<name>        |Unbans <name>|Admin|Admin|Admin|