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 +====== AutoMsg ======
 +This is Like a cross between !announce and !news
 +it will send a msg to every 1 online and save the msg and then send it to other members when they log on.
 +u can do as many messages as you want.
 +a message will only be sent once.
 +messages can be deleted at any time.
 +it Now Only Sends the Message to 1 Alt
 +===== Commands =====
 +^Command  ^ Keyword  ^Argument(s)   ^Description                          ^Tell      ^Guild     ^Priv      ^
 +|!automsg|          |              |Show messages          |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|add      |<msg>          |Start Interface for Send Message        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|start      |<msg>          |Start Interface for Send Message        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|make      |<msg>          |Start Interface for Send Message        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|edit      |<ID> <msg>          |Start Interface for Edit Message        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|change type      |[text/blob]         |Change type of Output        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|change restrict      |        |*not yet Implemented        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|change expire      |<see [[automsg#expire|expire]]>          |Changes Expire        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|change mode      |[once/daily/hourly/everytime]          |Changes How often is will Spam Logon        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|change msg      |<msg>          |Change Message        |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|cancel      |          |Cancel edit or  new Message      |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|send      |          |Add Message and Send       |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|del      | <ID>         |Delete message      |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|rem      | <ID>         |Delete message      |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|preview      | <ID>         |returns message <ID> in Send format       |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +|!automsg|show      |<ID> <name>         |send <ID> to <name> can be done any order and if no name given sends to you       |Leader|Leader|Leader|
 +===== Help =====
 +==== Alts ====
 +By Default Check Alts is on, this will Check all Alts of a User to Find the Last Msg thy Recieved before Sending any New Messages
 +==== Expire ====
 +u can use these formats to set expire
 +  * DD:HH:MM
 +  * D and H are option and 2 digits are Not Required like 15:5 is 15hours 5mins
 +  *
 +which mean u can do alot like "tomorrow" or "2nd october" and lots more