This module allows you to manage alternative characters so that other people may more easily find a keyboardist or the keyboardist handeling a toon whom with they have a relationship.

  • Lists which one(s) of the alt(s) is currently online (if any)
  • Optional “simple” interface if the fancy interface makes the bot lag
Command Keyword Argument(s) Description Tell Guild Priv
!alts Shows a list of your registered alts.Guest Guest Guest
!alts <name> Shows a list of <name>s alts. Guest Guest Guest
!alts <add> <name> Adds <name> as one of your alts. Guest Guest Guest
!alts <del> <name> Deletes <name> from your alts list. Guest Guest Guest
  • !whois <name> - Shows information about <name>
Setting Default Description
Output Fancy Change between fancy and simple output
  • This module will only show online/offline info for players it knows. (usually members and guests)
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