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Author Topic: Bot can't connect-fixed. Now disconnecting issues.  (Read 26067 times)

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Offline Cromite

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Bot can't connect-fixed. Now disconnecting issues.
« on: October 22, 2018, 01:13:01 am »
Tried multiple Php versions up to 5.6.9 nts, as well as multiple Bebot versions. Here's issue i have:


    _/_/_/              _/_/_/                _/

   _/    _/    _/_/    _/    _/    _/_/    _/_/_/_/

  _/_/_/    _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/    _/    _/    _/

 _/    _/  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/    _/

_/_/_/      _/_/_/  _/_/_/      _/_/        _/_/

         An Anarchy Online Chat Automaton


          An Age of Conan Chat Automaton

         v.0.6.9.(Snapshot) - PHP 5.4.8

                 OS: Windows_NT

        Your operating system is detected as 32bit


Curl extension loaded
MySQL database connection test successfull
Creating MySQL class!
Creating AOChat class!
Creating main Bot class!
Archiver [MAIN] [DIR]   Loading main functions of the bot
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  00_BotError.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  01_BasePassiveModule.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  02_BaseActiveModule.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  03_Security.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  05_Maintenance.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  06_Preferences.php
Archiver [SETTINGS]     [LOAD]  Loaded settings from database.
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  06_Settings.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  09_AccessControl.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  10_Roster.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  11_FlexibleSecurity.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  12_ConfigMagik.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  14_Queue.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  14_Tools.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_AOChatWrapper.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_BotHelp.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_ChatQueue.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_Colors.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_CommandAlias.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_Log.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_Notify.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_OnlineDB.php
Archiver [MAIN] [LOAD]  15_Timer_Core.php

Archiver [CORE] [DIR]   Loading core-modules
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Alias.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Alts.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  BotStatistics.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Buddy_Queue.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  FunFilters.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Logon_Notifies.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  ModuleCatcher.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  PlayerNotes.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Professions.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  ShortCuts.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Statistics.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  StringFilter.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Time.php
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  User.php

Archiver [CORE] [DIR]   Loading Game Specific core-modules
Archiver [CORE] [LOAD]  Whois.php

Archiver [MOD]  [DIR]   Loading modules
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  About.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  AccessControlUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  AdminsUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  AFK.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  AltsUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  BanManagerUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Bid.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  BotStatisticsUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Calc.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  ColorConfigUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  CommandAliasUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Countdown.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  FlexibleSecurityUI.php
Archiver [SETTINGS]     [SAVED] connected for module irc set to FALSE as datatyp
e bool
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  IRC.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Is.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Logon.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Mail.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  MassMsg.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  ModulesControlUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  News.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Notify.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  nroll.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  OnlineCount.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  OnlineDisplay.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Ping.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  PlayerNotesUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Points.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  PreferencesUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Raffle.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Raid.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Rally.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Relay.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Roll.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Roster.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Say.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  SettingsUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  ShortCutsUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Shutdown.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  StringFilterUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  TimerRelay.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  TimerUI.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Whois.php

Archiver [MOD]  [DIR]   Loading game specific modules
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Autouseradd.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Blacklist.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Chuck.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  City.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  craftclasses.php
'Archiver [MOD] [LOAD]  Gemcutting.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Loot.php
Archiver [MOD]  [LOAD]  Quotes.php

Archiver [MOD-CUSTOM]   [DIR]   Loading additional modules in directory custom/m

Archiver [LOGIN]        [STATUS]        Authenticating
[Conan Login Server] Connected to
[Conan Login Server] Received character server address [
:7011 ]
[Conan Login Server] Disconnected. [Done]
[Conan Char Server ] Connected to
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:487] invalid length :27759 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:525] invalid length :29552 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:535] invalid length :28710 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:549] invalid length :15720 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:559] invalid length :30583 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:597] invalid length :26740 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
[BinaryStream][ReadString]  [pos:607] invalid length :15730 since it will read o
utside of buffer.
Did not find the bot 'Archiver' from the 3 characters on account

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Program Files\bebot\Sourc
es\AocLogin\CharacterServerConnection.php on line 218
[Conan Char Server ] Disconnected. [Error while handling packets for characterse

Notice: Error while handling packets for Characterserver (
m:7011) in C:\Program Files\bebot\Sources\AOChat.php on line 520
Archiver [CONN] [ERROR] Failed authenticating to server. Retrying in 60 seconds.

Any ideas?
« Last Edit: October 27, 2018, 01:12:27 pm by Cromite »

Offline Cromite

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Re: Bot can't connect
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2018, 01:11:27 pm »
Fixed above issue by changing CharacterServerConnection.php file. Done that by adding $stream->ReadUInt32(); to end of case RPC_TERRITORY_CHARACTERLIST chapter as follows:

                $login = 0;
                $playerid = $stream->ReadUInt32();
                $characters = $stream->ReadVecSize();

                // Prepare an array of all characters returned
                for ($i = 0; $i < $characters; $i++) {
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // characterID
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // playerID

                    $characterID = $stream->ReadUInt32();
                    $characterName = $stream->ReadString();
                    $dimensionID = $stream->ReadUInt32();
                    $loginState = $stream->ReadUInt32();
                    $date = $stream->ReadString();
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // PlayTime
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // Playfield
                    $level = $stream->ReadUInt32(); // Level
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // Class
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // ?? State
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // ?? Login1
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // ?? Login2
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // Gender
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // Race
                    $language = $stream->ReadString();
                    $blocked = $stream->ReadUInt32();
                    $stream->ReadUInt32(); // ?? Offline levels
                    $stream->ReadString(); // ?? Blob MD5

Now there is another issue, wheres bot disconnects after short while. With or without any input. Any ideas?

Offline Cromite

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Re: Bot can't connect-fixed. Now disconnecting issues.
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2018, 01:13:21 pm »
Anyone willing to link their working bebot setup?


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