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I cant make Bebot working


Can someone please give me a link with a working Bebot archive?
And i dont mean Bebot from download section or the legacy version because neither is working.
Ive done all the modification in files as is said in the forum but i get the error Dimension 5 is unknown for the normal version of the bot and for the legacy version i get this error "Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in C:\Users\XXXXXX\Desktop\B
eBot-legacy-master\Main.php on line 233".
I dont want to start learn PHP :), i just want a bot that is working and all i have to do is to config the mysql and Config files

Thank you.

Did you adjust the <bothome>/conf/serverlist.php file?

Check this post -->!/msg18412/#msg18412


Thx for reply
Ive done all those modification in your link and it wasnt working because is a mistake in your code :)
In a "case" instruction for the 5 dimension it is used " ; " instead of " : "
Now is working

Good to know you got it running. But was not my code :) I can't take credit.



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