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Bot vs Bot commands.


Hi everyone!

Before I start I might ask if its even possible to make something like this. This could be some spam prevent system build in AO chat or something but.

Basically I'm trying the bot to send the command to another bot via module. I simply added a single line of code "send_output -> tell ($name, !command $text etc" ... to the main bot. This actually sends the command to the other bot. But it seems to be protected somehow or I have really no clue whats wrong.

In a main bot log it sends the message with the command but the other bot replies with a classic /tell otherbot !help which makes me more uncomfortable as long as all the permissions for that command are set to AN and the main bot is the other bots member.

Is there any limit in AO chat that blocks making bots to send output commands to execute them on other bots? Or is there any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!


I s the bot registered as a Superadmin or as something that can give the 2nd Bot commands ??

The problem is probably that the send_output() function "colors" the text, so it actually looks something like this when sent to the other bot:

<font color=#ff44ff>!command some text

Which is probably why the other bot doesn't process the command.  I would look in the source code for send_output() and see if you can figure out how to send a raw message sans the coloring.


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